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Find out what you can do to help make our town safer and more Mother and child friendly, Keep our older active residents safe and secure in their town, Keep the children of Somerton Safe from injury and accident.

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Does speeding matter, the myths about the law

and speeding. Here is a working barrister  telling you the Law….

If you have any issues on the roads and safety of pedestrians, or any issues with the roads in Somerton let Somerset Council “County Highways” here your concerns. This is the Place to get those who control OUR ROADS to know your views.

All the  Early  Data  has now been archived from the First collection.  2021

Current Data from  Jan 2022 

SID Data Langport Rd 23 Dec 21- 9th Jan 22

SID Data Langport Road 9th-30 Jan 22

SID Data Behind Berry Data collection mode only Jan 6 - 17th 22

SID Data Sutton Road Jan 18 to 5th Feb 2022

Sid Data Langport road Jan 31st - March6th 2022

SID Data Langport Rd 7th March - 30th March 2022

SID Data Sutton Rd. April 7th - 20th 2022

SID data Behind Berry Post No1 April 21st-April 29th 2022

Langport Rd. 31st March - 16th May 2022

Behind Berry Post 2 (Buttercross) 4th May -15th May 2022

West Street 31 May - 13th June 2022

Langport  Road 16th May-22 June 2022

Gassons Lane 14th- 27th June 2022

Sutton Road 1st July to 25th July2022

Langport Road 22 June to  31st  July 2022

Behind Berry facing the Fire station at Buttercross post  26th July - 10 August 2022

West Street turned August 11th - 21st 2022

West Street turned August 21st - 29th 2022 

Langport Rd August 1st - September 3rd 2022

Sutton Road 14th Sept - 26th Sept 2022

Langport Rd 5th September- 4th October 2022

West Street 27th Sept - 17th Oct 2022

West Street 7th March 2023 - 13th March 2023

Langport Rd MarchFeb 27 - March 19 2023

Sutton Rd March 1st - 19th

West Street. 13th March - 27th March 2023

Langport Road April 2023

West Street April 2023

Sutton Road April 2023

West Street April 24 - 21st May

Langport Road April24th - May 28th 2023

Sutton Road April24th - May 28th 2023

Langport Road June-July 2023

West Street June-July 2023

Sutton Road June-July 2023

West Street July 10th-19th

Langport road July - August 23

Sutton Road July - August 23

West Street July - August 23

Langport Road August - September 23

Sutton Road August - September 23

West Street August - September 23

West street September - October 23

Langport Road  September - October 23

Sutton Road September - October 23

West Street October - December 23

Langport Road  October - December 23

Sutton Road October - December 23

West Street December- March 3rd 2024

Sutton Road December - March 3rd 2024

Langport Rd. December - March 10th 2024

Langport road 5th March to 5th May 2024

West street 5th March to 5th May 2024

Sutton road 5th March 2024 to 5th May 2024

Looking for feedback from Somerton residents. We now  have all 3 Speed indicator Devices . Not only  do they tell you your speed and warn you when you are speeding. They also records data that gives definitive details of what the traffic is really doing ….both ways……The date and time of excessive speeders.  All openly available to residents and the Avon & Somerset Police. Let me know your views please by going to here and  giving feedback at the end of the survey in option 6.